Godfrey de Grut

Over the past two decades Godfrey de Grut has become a go-to session musician for many of Aotearoa’s biggest acts. He doesn’t just turn up with the skills required, he brings his creativity as a songwriter.

De Grut’s music career started in his formative years as a jazz player. He went on to co-write the APRA Silver Scroll-winning song ‘Misty Frequencies’ with Che Fu and took part in a studio session with Kanye West. He has recorded pop with Brooke Fraser, hip hop with Nesian Mystik, and rock with Elemeno P.

Godfrey de Grut conducts the APRA Silver Scroll Awards opening (2015)
Godfrey de Grut
Godfrey de Grut and Chip Matthews at the 2015 APRA Silver Scroll Awards
Photo credit: Amanda Ratcliffe
Godfrey de Grut with Opensouls
Cam Allen, Godfrey de Grut and Lewis McCallum
Godfrey de Grut at the 2015 APRA Silver Scroll Awards.
Photo credit: Amanda Ratcliffe
Che Fu - Misty Frequencies music video (2002)
Tama Waipara, Aaron Nevezie and Godfrey de Grut in New York City
The New Loungehead - Godfrey de Grut, Nick Gaffaney, Dan Sperber, Chip Matthews
Photo credit: Ian McRae
Godfrey de Grut
Photo credit: Kane Massey Collection
Godfrey de Grut supports the Rodger Fox Big Band fundraising effort (2021)
Godfrey de Grut
Photo credit: Amanda Ratcliffe
Opensouls - Hold You Close (2009)
Godfrey de Grut, Justyn Pilbrow and Dan Sperber on an Elemeno P tour
Godfrey de Grut and Simon Holloway, 2000
Godfrey de Grut
Matthias Sudholter, Chip Matthews, Dan Sperber, Isaac Levi Tucker, Godfrey de Grut
Photo credit: Duncan Cole
Godfrey de Grut RNZ interview (2016)
The New Loungehead - Cloth ft. Sulata (2021)
The New Loungehead - Renco live (1999)
Nurture - Did You Do It All For Love? (2001) Strings arranged by Godfrey de Grut.
Godfrey de Grut, Ara Adams Tamatea and Paul Russell part of Bob Marley All Stars in 2017.
Godfrey de Grut and Cherie Mathieson
Menopanteboy - Any Kinda Weather (2002)
Godfrey de Grut performing with the Bob Marley All Stars in Kerikeri, 2017.
The New Loungehead - Casual Carnage (1997)
Godfrey de Grut playing with Elemeno P in the mid-2000s
Pause - 'Only' and 'Static' music videos (1998) Piano by Godfrey de Grut.
Godfrey de Grut.
Photo credit: Radio NZ
Godfrey de Grut and Elemeno P's Dave Gibson performing in Mangawhai, 2017.
Photo credit: Flash Gordon Photography
Godfrey de Grut with the Bob Marley All Stars in Kerikeri, 2017.


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