Graeme Nesbitt

Graeme Nesbitt was charismatic and creative, and played a pivotal – if often unseen – role in the foundation of the New Zealand music industry and the rise of some of this country’s best-known bands.

Graeme John Nesbitt was born in 1950, the eldest of six siblings, and spent his early years in Kohukohu on the Hokianga harbour, where his father was postmaster. At nights he would tune in to the Lever Hit Parade on radio.

Graeme Nesbitt performing in Country Deal, at the National Folk Festival, held at the Wellington Polytechnic, October 1969. From left: Colin Heath, Andrew Delahunty, Graeme Nesbitt, Max Winnie. 
Welllington promoter/manager Graeme Nesbitt on the hunt for good seats at The Rolling Stones for both the bands he managed, Mammal and Tamburlaine
Photo credit: Phil Warren collection
The back cover of Home Grown, a Radio Windy compilation of Wellington bands produced by Graeme Nesbitt, 1979.
Graeme Nesbitt perusing contracts and his lengthy list of people to call, 1979.
Radio with Pictures - Wellington 1982 - with Graeme Nesbitt interview
Graeme Nesbitt at a VUW Students' Association meeting, Salient, 1970
Home Grown, Volume One - a 1979 compilation of Wellington bands, produced by Graeme Nesbitt for Radio Windy. Among the acts were Rough Justice, Bill Lake, The Wide Mouthed Frogs, Spats, and Smashed Executive. There was no second volume.
Graeme Nesbitt calls for volunteers, Salient, 1970. “I need students to answer phones, sell advertising, build bridges, dance naked, arrange deals and have a great time. Arts Festival and I need you.”
Graeme Nesbitt, fitness fanatic, Wellington, c. 1983.
"Home grown nears harvest": the Dominion reports on Radio Windy's compilation LP of Wellington bands, produced by Graeme Nesbitt, 1979. Among them were the Wide Mouthed Frogs (top) and Rough Justice. 
Graeme Nesbitt launches Artfest - a students' arts festival - at the Wellington Railway Station, 1970. Mammal performed in the resonant atrium as commuters passed through the station. 
Graeme Nesbitt (left) with Chris Grosz at the National Banjo Pickers' Convention, 1969. 
Dragon manager Graeme Nesbitt in lava lava during the band's Fiji visit, 1974
Photo credit: Rachel Stace collection
Graeme Nesbitt, 1995.
Photo credit: Derek Morton
Country Deal was a Wellington folk/blues band featuring Max Winnie, Graeme Nesbitt, Colin Heath, and Andrew Delahunty. The cover of their 1970 album on Kiwi was designed by Chris Grosz. 
Graeme Nesbitt in San Francisco, late 1970s. 
Photo credit: Rachel Stace

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