Internationally and at home in the 1970s, the softer sounds of folk rock and melodic prog swept the airwaves. Singer-songwriters gaining exposure included Shona Laing, John Hanlon, and groups Waves from Auckland, Serenity in Christchurch and Lutha in Dunedin. In the middle of it all was Tamburlaine.

Raised in Wellington’s rich musical underground, the great Tamburlaine was born from British-style blues and the folk revival, and graduated from shouty, sweaty clubs to spellbinding larger concerts.

A poster for Mammal and Tamburlaine at Wellington club Lucifer's in 1972
Photo credit: Rick Bryant Collection
The Original Sin performing in the student union building, Victoria University of Wellington, 1967. From left: Simon Morris, Steve Robinson, Rick Bryant, Rod Bryant, Bill Lake and Norm McPherson.
Photo credit: Steve Robinson collection
Arkastra in the All Star Summer Rock Concert at Wellington's Opera House, alongside Corben Simpson, Desna Sisarich, Mammal, Tamburlaine and Sharon O'Neill, 1 October 1972. 
Photo credit: Peter Blake collection
The programme for the 1973 Last Maxina in Taihape show at Victoria University, featuring Tamburlaine and co-written by Tom Scott
Photo credit: National Library of New Zealand Eph-A-VARIETY-1973
Steve Robinson
Rebirth, the second Tamburlaine album, issued in 1973 with a cover by Denys Watkins
Tamburlaine's Pinus Radiata single (c 1975) with lyrics by Wendy Campbell-Purdie.
Photo credit: Chris Caddick collection
Kelburn International Airport Ceremonial Guard Band, August 1967. Back row, from left: Mike Rashbrooke, Geoff Rashbrooke, Bill Lake, Simon Morris. Front row: Steve Robinson, Mitch Park, Lindy Mason
Say No More, the 1972 debut album on Tartar Records, named by Nick Bollinger as one of the 100 Essential New Zealand Albums
Steve Robinson and Penny Evison
Simon Morris
Tamburlaine, Mark 3: Steve Robinson, Rob Winch, Simon Morris, Peter Woods and Paul Davies
Simon Morris in 1967
Tamburlaine - Sunny Side / Lady Wakes Up (Tartar TR006, 1973)
Photo credit: Chris Caddick collection
Steve Robinson, Denis Leong and Simon Morris at the Hamilton Banjo Pickers' Convention, 1970
Tamburlaine: Steve Robinson, Simon Morris and Denis Leong, the band that made the lauded 1972 album Say No More
Steve Robinson at the Hamilton Banjo Pickers Convention, 1970
Tamburlaine: Denis Leong, Penny Evison, Steve Robinson and Simon Morris
Tamburlaine's second single Up Against the Wall b/w The Reaper (Tartar TR004, 1972)
Photo credit: Chris Caddick collection
Tamburlaine - The Raven and the Nightingale / Lady Wakes Up single (Tartar TR001, 1972)
Photo credit: Chris Caddick collection
Steve Robinson at the New Zealand Banjo Pickers' Convention, Hamilton, Easter 1970
National Banjo Pickers' Convention, Hamilton, Easter 1970, where Steve Robinson and Denis Leong both featured as soloists.
Photo credit: National Library of New Zealand Eph-D-MUSIC-WFC-1970-01
The Original Sin circa 1968: Simon Morris, Steve Robinson, Rick Bryant and Lindy Mason. Robinson and Mason were also in the wonderfully named Kelburn International Airport Ceremonial Guard Band.
Welllington promoter/manager Graeme Nesbitt on the hunt for good seats at The Rolling Stones for both the bands he managed, Mammal and Tamburlaine
Photo credit: Phil Warren collection

Denis Leong - guitar, vocals

Simon Morris - bass, guitar, mandolin, recorder, vocals

Steve Robinson - guitar, vocals

Rob Winch - guitar, vocals

Mark Hansen - drums, vocals

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