Toni Williams

aka Antoni Williams, Tony Williams

In the recording scene of the early 1960s, copying overseas hits was often encouraged at the expense of originality. Many local singles were like audition tapes for Stars in Their Eyes.

While Toni Williams did emulate the swinging croon of Sam Cooke with aplomb, there was far more to the Rarotongan-born singer than being a covers artist. In the mid-1950s he formed one of Auckland’s first skiffle groups, The Housewarmers, and then became the singer-guitarist in a hardworking rock and roll group, The Tremellos.

The 1968 Toni Williams album The Late Show was recorded at Auckland's Logan Park Hotel, backed by Jimmie Sloggett and his band
Toni Williams and The Tremellos, 1960 - Toni Williams, Johnny Stowers, Noel Peterson, Nga Williams, Graham Page
Toni Williams - The One I Sing My Love Songs To (Interfusion/ Festival, 1977 - producer Rob Aickin, engineer Ian Morris).
The One I Sing My Love Songs To
Johnny Devlin, Lyn Barnett, and Toni Williams - support acts on Johnnie Ray's 1962 tour of New Zealand.
Photo credit: William A Gamble/Playdate June 1962
Toni Williams in 1968
Toni Williams (in shades) and Howard Morrison during the Showtime Spectacular tour of 1961 with, on the left, road manager Trevor King, and, on the right, Kerridge Odeon's Nelson manager Hugh Richards. 
Photo credit: Chris Bourke Collection
Toni Williams, 1961
Toni Williams work schedule, May-June 1970
Photo credit: Phil Warren collection
Mr Toni Williams, singer, 1962. Standish & Preece photograph. 
Photo credit: Standish & Preece Collection, Canterbury Museum. Ref: 1992.96.4406
Toni Williams in Gisborne
Photo credit: Gisborne Photo News
Rose (Can I Share A Bed With You) - live 1992


La Gloria



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