aka The Vision

Few bands in New Zealand can claim the longevity, or the personnel volume, of Invercargill covers band Vision.

Formed in July 1969 with the aim of reproducing radio hits as accurately as possible, Vision spanned 42 years and almost as many members before calling it a day in 2011. Even then they weren’t quite done, with 26 former Vision alumni joined by a stable of guest musicians in 2019 to celebrate the band’s 50th anniversary.

The popular lineup of Vision with a brass section in 1980. 
Vision photographed in 1970. From left: "Bricky" McLew, Bob Daley, Dave Gillies, Bryan Gerrard, John Kennedy. 
Vision's second lineup at the McNab Hall, around 1971. From left: Bryan Gerrard, John Kennedy, "Bricky" McLew, Bob Daley, and Pat Houlihan.
Vision, 1980.
Vision's business card.
Vision: the 2019 reunion.
Ray Columbus and Vision, rehearsing for the Uthaid Ball, Invercargill, August 1972. From left: Ray Columbus, Brian Gerrard, Bob Daley, and Dave Gillies.
Vision onstage at Backwaters, 1987.
Vision's Trevor Daley, Backwaters 1987.
The first line-up of Vision, at the RSA Hall, 1969. From left: Bob Daley, John Kennedy, Dave Kennedy, Warren "Bricky" McLew, and Dave Gillies. Dave Kennedy had told everyone to scowl at the camera, but John Kennedy cracked up at the last minute. 
Dave Gillies, Vision.
Vision drummer Warren “Bricky” McLew recording at Radio 47A, 1969.
Vision in 2006 (L-R): Bob Daley, Neville Scott, Jeff Ross, Trevor Daley, Scott Calvert. 
Vision in 1980.
Vision at the Invercargill RSA, 1969. From left: Dave Gillies, Dave Kennedy, "Bricky" McLew, Bob Daley, and John Kennedy.

Bob Daley - guitar

Jason Sagmyr - guitar

John Kennedy - vocals, saxophone

Dave Kennedy - vocals, bass

Bryan Gerrard - vocals, bass

Tony Ross - vocals

Jeff Ross - vocals

Warren “Bricky” McLew - drums

Paul Rosel - drums

Danny Bennett - drums

Trevor Daley - drums

Dave Gillies - keyboards

Pat Houlihan - keyboards

Roger McLachlan - keyboards

Geoff Burn - keyboards

Neil Blue - keyboards, bass

Phil Allen - keyboards

Dave Goodall - keyboards

Tom Osmond - keyboards

Maree Gutsell - keyboards

Brendon Burgess - keyboards

Scott Calvert - keyboards

Peter Skerrett - bass

Ray Eade - bass

Warren Skerrett - bass

Rob Caig - bass

Brent Walker - bass

Neville Scott - bass

Mike Sheehan - bass

Kevin Dell - trumpet

David Naylor - trombone

Trevor Tattersfield - trumpet

Dave Hughes - trumpet

Brian Eckersley - trombone

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