Craig Scott

With successive Loxene Golden Discs under his belt, Craig Scott dominated the pop scene in New Zealand in the early 1970s to a level hardly seen before – and rarely since.

Non-stop TV appearances, and a seemingly never-ending string of radio friendly hit singles resulted in ubiquitous public recognition. Posters adorned the walls of thousands of teenage girls. It became essential for him to move flats every few weeks, as each time his new address was quickly discovered. Fan mail poured in.

After a variety show in the early 1970s, performers including Rusty Greaves, Craig Scott and Bunny Walters are presented to Princess Alexandra, one of the VIPs in the audience.
An autographed Craig Scott photo.
"New Zealand's King of Pop." Back cover of Craig Scott's Smiley album (HMV, 1971).
Watch: Craig Scott - Smiley
Craig Scott in Playdate, August 1971. In the bottom right photo he is visiting Radio Hauraki; Ian Magan is in the centre. 
Photo credit: Malcolm Grover
Craig Scott's Greatest Hits (EMI, 1973)
Craig Scott - Ciao Baby (HMV, 1971)
Craig Scott.
Billy T James and the core cast and orchestra of TV's Radio Times, early 1980s. Craig Scott is seated in front.
Craig Scott and Peter Dawkins with the 1971 Loxene Golden Disc for Smiley.
Back cover of Craig Scott's debut album, In MacArthur Park (HMV, 1970). Photograph by Roger Donaldson. 
The Revival in 1968. Left to right: Robbie Carpenter, Rod Coe, Eddie Hansen, Craig Scott, Bruno Berens. – Rod Coe collection
Photo credit: Rod Coe collection
Craig Scott in Playdate, August 1971.
Photo credit: Malcolm Grover
Back cover and track listing for Craig Scott's 4 Hits 7" EP (HMV, 1971).
Craig Scott in Playdate, August 1971. 
Photo credit: Malcolm Grover
Watch: Sing special featuring Craig Scott (12 November 1975)
Craig Scott's 7" EP '4 hits' (HMV, 1971)
Craig Scott's debut album, In MacArthur Park (HMV, 1970)
Craig Scott circa 1973/74
Craig Scott (left) with a silver disc for his hit 'Star Crossed Lovers', 1970. Photograph taken at Oliver's nightspot in Wellington. Posing with him are fellow HMV artists David Curtis (centre) and Australian singer-somgwriter Russell Morris (right), who was touring here.
Photo credit: Sal Criscillo
Watch: Craig Scott on TV One's Breakfast show, 1998 (NZ On Screen)
Craig Scott's 1971 album, Smiley (HMV). 
Craig Scott in a publicity photo.
Craig Scott at the Metropolitan Hotel, Nelson - Nelson Photo News, October 14, 1972.
Rear cover of Craig Scott's third album, Hold the Sun Back (HMV, 1972)
Watch: Craig Scott in Radio Times (1980)
Craig Scott - Smiley (HMV, 1971)
Craig Scott - Star Crossed Lovers (HMV, 1970)
Craig Scott - Hold the Sun Back (HMV, 1972)



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