4 Corners

Hip hop in Aotearoa had its breakthrough in the 2000s, but its roots were in the previous decade when a grassroots network spread across the country. 4 Corners held things down in Hamilton and this led them to work with the big names of the time.

Their first track appeared in 2000, on a Dawn Raid debut compilation (Southside Story – ‘No Foes’) and they appeared alongside Scribe on ‘Synchronize Thoughts’, a breakthrough single by P-Money. 4 Corners’ album, Foundations, cemented their place as originators within the local scene, with a formidable track record of live shows and feature slots against their name.

4 Corners NZ Tour Poster.
4 Corners.
Photo credit: Ross Mabbutt
Top row: DJ Militia, Omega B, Tyra Hammond; Front row: Koma, Hepaklypz.
Photo credit: Brett 'Omega B' Wagner Collection
4 Corners publicity photo.
Photo credit: Jamie McCready
4 Corners - In The Game 4 Life (directed by Andrew Sorenson for Offramp Productions, 2005)
4 Corners 2006 Xmas Party. Back row: De-Lite, Hepaklypz, Swarm, Are-K, KId Kurv, DJ Spel, DJ Militia, Kelly Mahu, DJ SMV. Front row: Koma (with baby Carmyne), Omega B.
Photo credit: Brett 'Omega B' Wagner collection
DJ Militia.
4 Corners, from left: Hepaklypz, Omega B, Koma.
4 Corners and P Money remix ‘Poi E’
Hip Hop Impact flyer.
4 Corners - entry for the Wreckognize competition
Now I Know - 4 Corners feat Ladi 6
At Kog Central, 2002. L to R: 4 Corners' Hepaklypz, P-Money, Scribe, then Koma and Omega B from 4 Corners
Photo credit: Brett 'Omega B' Wagner Collection
Synchronize Thoughts - P Money feat 4 Corners and Scribe
By My Side - 4 Corners feat Maia Rata
Hepaklypz at the Aotearoa Hip Hop Summit. 
Photo credit: Gareth Shute collection
4 Corners.
Photo credit: Ross Mabbutt
Tyna, Omega B, SMV, and Koma.
Photo credit: Gareth Shute collection

One of 4 Corners’ more surprising feature slots was on the breakbeat album, Wall of Bass Technique (2005) by Baitercell and Schumacher.

Two extra tracks produced by P-Money appeared on the Australian version of Foundations: ‘The Game For Life’ and ‘The Xpedition.’



Grindin’ Records


Charles Ngakoma “Koma” Conner - MC

Hohepa “Hepaklypz” Morgan - MC

Brett “Omega B” Wagner - DJ

Stacey “DJ Militia” Adams - DJ

Jor’el “Delite” Mcqueen - b-boy

Royce “Are-K” Kerapa - b-boy

Freeman “DJ Freeman” Fatu - DJ

Haden “DJ Spell” Gilgen - DJ

Peter “Asia” Taka - graff

Matehoia “Kid Swarm” Paekau

John “Viln” MacMillan

Mel “DJ SMV” James - DJ

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