Larry Morris

Larry Morris Coppins was born on 4 August 1947 in Auckland to Mervin Coppins, a foundry-man, and Lister (née Williams). His mother Lister was a bookkeeper at Rendell’s Clothing when she met Coppins and they moved to Christchurch soon after she gave birth. In the 1940s Lister sometimes sang in Arthur Skelton’s Band at the Orange Ballroom in Auckland, covering for her sister Win Dean.

Larry’s parents broke up when he was four, then Lister met John Sturdy, an English jack-of-all-trades on a working holiday. He married Lister and adopted Larry, legally renaming him Larry Morris Sturdy. John found work at the Farmers Trading Company and they moved to Auckland.

Larry Morris with Grant Gillanders, 2017.
Photo credit: Jason Fell
Larry Morris solo at The Top Hat, Napier, circa 1970
Photo credit: Gordon Wong collection
Doug Elliott and Roy Young present The Allison Durbin Show! Special guest star Larry Morris, formerly of Larry's Rebels, now incredible as a solo artist ... Bobby Davis ... George Tumahai ... Knife Dancers ... Quincy Conserve. All on the one big family show. [ca 1968].. Cabot, Charles Henry, 1890-1978: [Collection of ephemera, posters and programmes. 1900-1976]. Ref: Eph-D-CABOT-Music-1968-02. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand. /records/22752287
Larry Morris and Tommy Adderley
Super Pop '70 was a showcase of local performers including The Chicks, Bunny Walters, Corben Simpson, Classic Affair (with Reg Ruka), The Chapta and Larry Morris, held at Western Springs, Auckland during a visit from the royal family. Prince Charles and Princess Anne attended and met the performers. The band leader was Tuhi Timoti. 
Larry the showman - taken at the Moomba Music Festival, Victoria, in 1968. From left: Viv McCarthy, Dennis “Nooky” Stott, Larry Morris, Terry Rouse and John Williams.
The cats who got the cream: Larry Morris, Shane, Jacqui James aka Fitzgerald, and a natty fellow in a short tie and long collar - on the C'mon '69 set
In May 2017 Larry Morris had two releases in the New Zealand albums chart: Anthology, a compilation of his post-Larry's Rebels recordings, and 13, a collection of the Larry Morris Band's most popular cover versions from their live set list, as chosen by their fans. 
Larry Morris, photographed by Larry Killip, February 2018
Photo credit: Larry Killip
Larry's Rebels live at Real Groovy - I Feel Good (2015)
Larry Morris, Playdate.
Larry Morris in Grafton gully, 1969. - Playdate
Larry Morris at The Top Hat, Napier, post Rebels, backed by Gordon Wong
Larry Morris - The Hunt (Impact, 1969)
Shane and Larry Morris
Rufus Rehu and Larry Morris at Auckland's The Alhambra, 2006
Photo credit: Photo by Dianne Clayton
Larry Morris, Playdate November 1969
Larry Morris, 2012
Photo credit: Bryan Staff
Larry Morris with Shotgun, Mount Soundshell, New Years Eve 1977
Viv McCarthy and Larry Morris
Photo credit: Photo by Roger Donaldson
Larry Morris
Larry's Rebels - Let's Think Of Something (1967)
Larry's Rebels live at Real Groovy - Painter Man (2015)
Larry Morris' 1971 album 5.55am
Grant Gillanders, Larry Morris, Shane Hales and Judy Donaldson at the Wired For Sound book launch.
Photo credit: Jason Fell/Grant Gillanders collection
Larry's Rebels, Playdate.
Shotgun (from left): Bob Jackson, John Parker, Bob Smith, John Kristian, Larry Morris, Billy Nuku.
Larry Morris - Reputation Don't Matter Anymore (Parlophone, 1976)
An extraordinary meeting of 60s pop talent. Taken in 1966 on the Tom Jones tour (promoted by Phil Warren):(front) Lew Pryme, Larry Morris, (rear) Ray Columbus and Tom Jones.
The cast and documentary production crew of the C'mon Again tour, late 1999, on their way to perform at Whanganui Opera House. Larry Morris is in the bus doorway, Shane Hales at left, The Chicks at front left. Ray Columbus is missing from this photo. Grant Gillanders (in charge of the stage projection) is at back left, next to him are Mike Donnelly and Peter Allison (documentary co-director). At front in white T-shirt, documentary co-director Sean Rundle, cameraman Mike Monten is to his right. Keyboards player Deryn Trainer is behind them sporting a buzzcut hairstyle. "It was a great night," says Sean Rundle, "Larry did an incredible version of "With A Little Help From my Friends" worthy of Joe Cocker at Woodstock."
Photo credit: Grant Gillanders Collection




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