Projector Mix

aka The Projector Mix, Projector

Mike Hodgson’s solo outfit Projector Mix began around 1990 when he started working on his own “electronic dub-beat-stuff, a shift from the Tinnitus project.” Projector Mix marked a departure from the heavy experimental bent of Hodgson’s previous group into more reggae-based, beat-driven styles.

He had been working with Tinnitus, formed by himself and Angus McNaughton in Christchurch, since the early 1980s, creating ambient experimental soundscapes. They shifted to Auckland in 1988, releasing 13 cassettes and eventually winding down around 1993.

The Sound Foundation with Projector Mix at DTM in Auckland's Karangahape Road, July 1992
JPS Experience, Martin Phillipps (misspelled) with visuals by Projector Mix at Auckland's The Gluepot, June 1991. This was the first time the name Projector was used by the soon to be called Projector Mix.
Mike Hodgson
2 Thieves & A Liar (the Hallelujah Picassos' Peter McLennan and Johnnie Pain) with the Projector Mix at Auckland's Artspace, August 1992
Reggae Owes Us, a party in Auckland's Kitchener Street in May 1992, with visuals by Projector Mix
The poster for the first Projector Mix album in 1992
Screenshots from the Projector Mix visuals at the May 1992 Reggae Owes Us party
The 1993 A Wander Through The Transition Zone cassette only release featured Nemesis Dub Systems, Sound Foundation, Tinnitus and DLT
Five Foot Tongue - a multimedia event in Wellington's The Building in April 1992 with Projector Mix, Gifted & Brown, Clinton Smiley, Stinky Jim, Leaders Of Style, A Fist Full Of Fashion, Soane and others
The advert for the first double 10-inch Deepgrooves EP
Supergroove's Here Comes The Supergroove show at Auckland's DTM in August 1992, with Projector Mix, Stinky Jim, The Mighty Asterix and more.
Pitch Black Studio in Symonds St, Auckland in 1992. The studio was used by many early Deepgrooves acts as well as for Mike Hodgson's projects.
The poster for the A Wander Through The Transition Zone cassette only release in 1993
The Projector Mix album on Deepgrooves, 1992
Projector Mix at Christchurch's Dux de Lux, April 1993
The Ras Bonté band at Auckland's Boardwalk Bar with 2 Thieves And A Liar, Projector Mix and Stinky Jim in September 1992
Headless Chickens with Salmonella Dub and Projector Mix at the University Of Canterbury, 1993
1992 Doys In The Hood party with MC OJ & Rhythm Slave, Teremoana, Projector Mix, Leaders Of Style, Colony, Stinky Jim, Moana & The Moahunters and others, Symonds Street, Auckland
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