Bruce King

There are few drummers in the country who can look back on a successful career lasting more than 60 years of continuous work, and also lay probable legitimate claim to being the most recorded drummer in the country.

Bruce King is that drummer – he’s our Hal Blaine. His recording legacy is extensive and covers many genres, from pop to rock to jazz and country. His recording dates, with every booking for every session and live gig recorded faithfully in diaries, amount to around 10,000 tracks.

Judy Donaldson on stage at Fisherman's Wharf, Auckland, backed by Roger Williams on Hammond organ, Bruce King on drums, and Kevin Haines on bass.
Photo credit: Judy Donaldson collection
Bruce King with his multi-drum studio kit, in the RNZ Radio Theatre, Auckland, 1970s.
Photo credit: Bruce King collection
Bruce King recently playing his favourite drum kit. 
Photo credit: Bruce King collection
The Jimmie Sloggett Inn Group, 1967: Kevin Haines, John Pickworth, Jimmie and Bruce King
Mike Walker Trio backing Ray Woolf: Mike Walker, Pete McGregor, Ray Woolf and Bruce King
Suzanne Prentice performing at the Variety Artists Club awards night 27 Oct 2010, Bruce King on drums. 
Photo credit: VAC
The Al Hunter Band on the set of Saturday Live, late 1980s. Left to right: Red McKelvie, Bruce King, Al Hunter, Cath Newhook, Alastair Dougal
The Mike Walker Trio, 2011: Mike Walker, Pete McGregor and Bruce King
Bruce King at a Cotton Club gig, Auckland, 1990s.
Photo credit: Dennis Huggard
A rehearsal for guitar club, at the Auckland Musicians Club. From left: Johnny Bradfield, Tuhi Timoti, Bruce King drums, Chuck Morgan guitar, and Bob Jackson bass. 
The Gray Bartlett group, 1965. From left: Warren McMillan, Robin Ruakere, Gray Bartlett, Bruce King and Graeme Summers
Photo credit: Gray Bartlett collection
Watch: The Ray Woolf Show Christmas Special, 1979 - Ricky May medley 'Blue Suede Shoes'/'Personality' with Bruce King on drums.l
Graeme Bartlett, Clyde Scott, and Bruce King at Colony Club in 1961.
Photo credit: Auckland Libraries, Rykenberg Collection, 1269-D566-19
Carl Doy, Tina Cross and Bruce King with the Pacific Song Contest award for 'Nothing But Dreams', 1979.
Merv Thomas (trombone) and the Bridge City Jazz Men, 1998. Bruce King on the snare drum.
Photo credit: Merv Thomas collection
Merv Thomas (trombone) and the Bridge City Jazz Men, 1998. In front: Bruce King.
Photo credit: Merv Thomas collection
Watch: Radio Times - Series One, Episode Two, 1980, with Bruce King on drums.
The Swingsters, 1957 Magness Recording Studio in Auckland. Kevin Paul, Bruce King, Ron McDonald, Dick Blundell.








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