It’s late 1982 and Barry Jenkin is spinning a plain label 45 by the little-known band Rome on his popular late night ZM network radio show. “A doomy guitar band from Tauranga,” the influential DJ pronounces in a deep smoky voice as the song drifts off, before adding that he will only play the record once.

No matter. The solitary airing proved more than enough. For those listening outside the main population areas the track being highlighted, ‘A Collision’, was a revelation. Here finally was proof that the New Zealand post-punk resurgence was bearing fruit in the nation’s smaller centres.

Drone at The Rising Sun, Auckland, 1988
Drone - Pole Video (1987)
Rome: Daniel Newnham and Darryl Hocking
Drone at Catherine Grove Studios in Greenwich, London, 2000
Drone at Auckland's Muriwai Beach: Rosemary Whitehead, Daniel Newnham and Darryl Hocking
Daniel Newnham, Catherine Grove Studios in Greenwich, London, 2000
Drone, London, Brixton, UK, 1993
Drone at Catherine Grove Studios in Greenwich, London, 2000
Drone - Dance O' Machine Gun (1989)
Drone - Music for Guitar and Piano
Darryl Hocking and Daniel Newnham at a Drone rehearsal
Rome at the Taita Hotel, Wellington, May 1982
Darryl Hocking, Daniel Newnham and Rosemary Whitehead
Drone in Wellington, October 1987
Drone at Catherine Grove Studios in Greenwich, London, 2000
Drone: Darryl Hocking, Rosemary Whitehead and Daniel Newnham
Drone at Rising Sun, Auckland, 1988
Drone: Rosemary Whitehead, Daniel Newnham and Darryl Hocking
DRONEnsemble, Freemans Bay Community Centre, Auckland, October 1987
Drone - Greenwich (2000)
Darryl Hocking, Catherine Grove Studios in Greenwich, London, 2000
Drone at Catherine Grove Studios in Greenwich, London, 2000
Drone - Moonsong
DRONEnsemble, Freemans Bay Community Centre, Auckland, October 1987
Drone: Darryl Hocking, Daniel Newnham and Rosemary Whitehead
Drone at City Gallery, Wellington, 1990
Rosemary Whitehead at a Drone rehearsal
Drone in Wellington, October 1987
Drone - Opus I (1989)

All three key Drone members still perform and record: Rosemary in The Grey Lynn Ukuladies; Darryl in Snake Salvador with Kevin Tutt; Daniel in TLC.


Daniel Newnham - bass, cello, vocals

Darryl Hocking - guitar, vocals

Gareth Farr - percussion

Rosemary Whitehead - violin, keyboards, vocals



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