Simon Lynch and Tony T had both been members of Ardijah before forming D-Faction, and wanted to continue making funk and soul with a Pacific flavour.

As a production duo, they had hits with the singer Ngaire, but initially their own music struggled. They followed the musical tastes of their community into reggae and found themselves back on the charts with a run of songs that remain popular in the streaming era.

D-Faction in 1997. Back row (L-R): drummer Ben Galiki Nuia, bassist Semi Leo, percussionist Terry Peyroux; Front row: keyboardist Simon Lynch, singer Maryanne Antonovich, singer and guitarist Tony Nogotautama, toasting MC Dave Telea.
Photo credit: Chris Traill
Billboard promoting D-Faction's single Pride in 1996.
A Southside Xmas party invitation featuring Ngaire, MC OJ & Rhythm Slave and D-Faction at The Box. 18 December, 1991.
D-Faction in 1993, from left: bassist Mi'i Rongo Taokia, Dave Latoa (in front), Tony Nogotautama, Simon Lynch. 
D-Faction in 1990: Tony Nogotautama and Simon Lynch. Photographed on Fujichrome RFP.
D-Faction - First Cut is the Deepest (1994)
D-Faction in 1996: Maryanne Antonovich, Dave Telea (bottom left) and Tony Nogotautama.
Photo credit: Chris Traill
D-Faction - Redemption Song (1997)
D-Faction featuring Tony T (Southside, 1992)
D-Faction - Motivation / Miss U (1989). 7inch single cover art.
D-Faction - Pride (1996)
The gold disc presentation for Down In The Boondocks (1995): Tony Nogotautama, Dave Telea, Maryanne Antonovich, and Simon Lynch. 
D-Faction between albums, 1994 (L-R): Tony Nogotautama, Simon Lynch, Maryanne Antonovich, Sue Dyson, Pete Pita.
D-Faction - Babe I'm Not Original live on TV in 1992
D-Faction's Take A Little Piece album, from 1998. As with others on Tangata, D-Faction came from Southside Records when that label was wound down. From left: Tony Nogotautama, Maryanne Antonovich, Dave Telea.
Photo credit: Chris Traill
D-Faction - Down in the Boondocks live at the NZ Music Awards in 1996, accompanied by a 70-piece choir and Cook Island drum section
D-Faction - Hard Times (1997)
D-Faction in 1990: Tony Nogotautama and Simon Lynch. Photographed on Fujichrome RFP.
D-Faction pictured in the newspaper Saturday Courier (December 16, 1989). Caption: "D-Faction members Tony Nogotautama and Simon Lynch: Soulful sounds from south Auckland."
Photo credit: Publicity photo
Tony Nogotautama from D-Faction in 1991.
D-Faction - Babe I'm Not Original (1993)
D-Faction - Motivation (1989)
Ngaire - When The Feeling Is Gone (1990). Produced by D-Faction's Simon Lynch and Tony T.
D-Faction TV interview (1997)
Tony T from D-Faction in 1991.
D-Faction - Down in the Boondocks (1995)
D-Faction in 1993 (L-R): Dave Latoa, Tony Nogotautama, bassist Mi'i Rongo Taokia. 
Ngaire Fuata pictured with D-Faction's Tony Nogotautama (left) and Simon Lynch, 1990.
Photo credit: Publicity photo

Simon Lynch - keyboards, programming, production

Tony Nogotautama - guitar, vocals, percussion, production

Dave Telea - vocals, percussion

Maryanne Antonovich-Mataio - vocals

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