The APRA Silver Scroll winners over the past five decades are a matter of record, however, the other finalists have been rather less well documented. To fill this gap the curators of The APRA collection at Hocken Collections in Dunedin have created this list of the non-winning finalists from 1965 to 1976.

We have attempted to add first names to writers where known, but have a few gaps. In several years some writers had multiple nominations and the odd strange name creeps in – how did US writer Lee Hazlewood find his name on the 1966 nominations as an example. It also seems that both sides of single were at times nominated as one entry. In 1972 Dave Jordan's 'Don't Let Me Lose You' was nominated twice – by two singers and this was repeated a couple more times over the next couple of years. The record was clearly as important as the song and the record was nominated instead of the composition.


Gray Bartlett


Wayne Mason with APRA's Pat Bell. Wayne would see his name on the finalists lists over and over between 1968 and 1976. He would, in 2001, be lauded as the composer of the best song of the previous 75 years for 'Nature' (the 1970 winner).


The Hi-Revving Tongues were nominated several times as a group, with Chris Parfitt (right) also getting the nod for his solo work

But to the list ...





She's Back Again Ray Columbus and The Invaders Ray Columbus - Billy Kristian
We Can't Go Wrong Ray Columbus and The Invaders Ray Columbus - Billy Kristian
The Gonk Beat Jeannie Hartly Ernie Rouse
Some Lovin' Tonight Maurice Cook Claude Papesch
Pretty Petrushka Ernie Rouse Ernie Rouse
Town's Cry Baby Sandy Snowden with The Clarrie Light Combo Sandy Snowden
You're Not There The Minors Roger Brasell
The Springboks And The All Blacks Rod Derrett Rod Derrett
El Gaucho The Fellowmen Jack Penman
Gonk Peter Posa Peter Posa
If You Love Me Chuck Fowler Quintet Jack Urlwin
Happy Blue Beat Sandra Brown Don Evans
No Moa Paul Walden Wally Chamberlain
My Turn To Cry / Pedro The Minors Roger Brassell
What Did He Say Dinah Lee Mike Perjanik
Love Is A Very Funny Thing The Yeomen Peter Carter - Brian Borland - Gordon Hubbard
A Fowlhouse Wedding Garner Wayne with the Saddle Pals Garner Wayne
Hello Jenny Lee Tony and The Initials Tony Eagleton


She Plays The Cornet Tony and The Initials Tony Eagleton
Beach Bunny The Yeomen Peter Carter
Gizmo Peter Posa Peter Posa
Tumblin' Down Maria Dallas Jay Epae
Hold On Tight / The Creep Jay Epae Jay Epae
Four Kinds Of Lonely Ken Lemon Lee Hazlewood
Please Be A Little Kind The Blue Stars Murray Savidan
Love Is Not For Me Bernie Gamet Bernie Gamet
Perhaps I'll Settle Down / A Travelled Man The Breakaways Bryan Beauchamp - Dave Orams / Bryan Beauchamp
Down In The Mine / So Don't Go Peter Nelson and the Castaways Peter Hindmarsh / Doug Rowe
Please Be A Little Kind The Blue Stars Murray Savidan
Penny Christmas Card Paul Walden R. Edwards
A Handful Of Dirt The Convairs Margarette Raggett
House Of Mildoom The Minutemen Alan McEwan
Love Come My Way The Tunespinners Crocker Brown
Nimble Fingers Ginny Peters Ginny Peters
Puppet Ginny Peters Ginny Peters
Soaring Jim Coyle Jim Coyle
Dinkum score Les Andrews Les Andrews
Mangere Les Andrews Les Andrews
How You Lied / Rooftops And Chimneys The Clevedonaires Darryl Lawrence
Secret Agent 009 Gray Bartlett Gray Bartlett
That Is Why Warren Lambert Johnson - Jobbert
The Wellington Wind Lynn Howie Lynn Howie


There's No Room In The 'In' Crowd Ray Columbus Ray Columbus
Many Yesterdays Ago / An Island To Oneself Mike Durney Jim Ruane / Mike Durney
Waves Of Heartbreak / My Heart's Like A Merry Go Round Mike Durney Mike Durney / Jim Ruane
This Place Gwynn Owen Warren - Callen
I'm Believing In You / Bullocky Jones The Plainsmen Norman Stringer - Claude Stringer
Too Many Tears Maria Dallas Berry Warren
Pop Goes A Life-Time Maria Dallas Don Evans
Your Tender Touch / You've Got What It Takes Jay Epae Jay Epae
Rustle Your Bustle / Puddin-An-Tame Maria Dallas / Maria & Howard Sam Freedman
Changing All Those Changes Maria Dallas Michael Reilly
I'm Over Here / Social End Product The Bluestars Jim Crowley - John Harris / John Harris
Women / Lord, Lord The Principals Ray Morgan - Gary Fraser
Finger Popper Jim Coyle Jim Coyle
Now She's Mine / I Want Your Love The Crescendos Ian Irvine / Graham Johnston - Ian Irvine - Martin Berryman
Rosalie The La De Da's Bruce Howard - Trevor Wilson
The Proud One The Newfolk Marion Carrigan - Veronica McGrane
Comme Sta Jim Hodder M. Hope-Hawkins


Sad Girl / Please Come Back To Me Max Hale Johnstone - Max Hale
Only Last Year The Avengers Alan Galbraith
Three Little Men The Tunespinners Anita & Geoff Crocker
Sometimes When The Sun Shines The Village Gossip Gary Costello
Break The World In Two Johnny Cooper Johnny Cooper
I'll Take You With Me Shane Ray Columbus
Happy In A Sad Kind Of Way / Any Minute Now Ray Columbus Ray Columbus
9 Miles From Nowhere Tommy Ferguson Ray Columbus
Pania / Lonely Sailor From The Sea There's God And Other Legends Jim Campbell
Hate To Go / Illusion The Hi-Revving Tongues Mike Balcombe
Not Some Of The Time The Hi-Revving Tongues Mike Balcombe
Come Back And Love Me The Hi-Revving Tongues Mike Balcombe
Raindrops The Gaynotes William McCarthy
I Shall Take My Leave Dave Jordan Dave Jordan
Halloween Larry's Rebels Larry Morris - John Williams
Take A Little Walk In The Sunshine Eruiti Morehu Eritu Morehu
Come With Me The Fourmyula Ali Richardson - Wayne Mason
What Price Love The Avengers Chris Malcolm, The Avengers
Footprints On My Mind / Country Boy The Music Convention Bob O'Donnell - Greg O'Donnell
Nonsense The Music Convention Bob O'Donnell - Greg O'Donnell
Great Barrier Isle John Norton John Norton
Just One Tender Look Gene Pierson Claude Papesch
Have You Seen My Limousine / Good Clean Fun Bob & Graeme & Sean & Greg Bob O'Donnell - Greg O'Donnell
Theme From "Children Of The Sun" The Music Convention Bob O'Donnell - Greg O'Donnell
Slightly Delic / Reflections Of Our Time The House of Nimrod Bryce Petersen
I Don't Really Care Robert Gennari Bryce Petersen
Computerised Existence / Gracious Lady Lew Pryme Bryce Petersen
You'll Find Me Anywhere The Hi-Revving Tongues Chris Parfitt
Wanganui Norah Scanlon Norah Scanlon
Pinto Pete Max Cryer Margo/ Phelan
Never Trust Another Woman / No More Now The Smoke Brett Tauri
Control Your Love The Smoke Brett Tauri


East Pinkerton Street Ray Columbus Ray Columbus
Your Turn Now Count Hamilton's Fenurl Dave Calder
There's No Limit Toni Williams Kelvin Hair
Dominating Man Toni Williams Kelvin Hair
Movin' From The City / Fool's Goldmine John Goodare John Goodare
Sally I Do / Silver Ship Abdullah's Regime Mark Dalley
Wendy Where Are You Ray Columbus Ray Columbus
Los Angeles (Is Where I Wanna Stay) Ray Columbus Ray Columbus
When I Was Young / Maggie Maggie Hogsnort Rupert's Original Flagon Band Dave Luther
All Our Own Work / Photograph Hogsnort Rupert's Original Flagon Band Dave Luther
Heart The Radars The Radars
I Know Why The Fourmyula Wayne Mason - Ali Richardson
Forever The Fourmyula Wayne Mason - Ali Richardson
Alice Is There The Fourmyula Wayne Mason - Ali Richardson
Home  The Fourmyula Wayne Mason - Ali Richardson
Autumn Yolande Gibson Walles - MacKenzie
Ballad Of Pancho Lopez Brendan Dugan Gary Stewart
Sweet Loving Baby Lynne Pike Roger Skinner
Take A Little Time / Sweet Mary Frankie Price P. Sadler / John Rowles
Another Teardrop falls Frankie Price John Rowles
The Colour Of Crimson Lynne Pike Lynne Pike
Jordan Marsh (My Best Friend) Andrew Parata Andrew Parata
Mare Tranquility / Alone The Dizzy Limit Stu Johnstone/ Stu Johnstone - Frits Stigter - Terence O'Neill-Joyce - Steve McDonald - Kelvin Diedriches
Epitaph Sea of Tranquility Billy Kristian - Jimmie Sloggett


The Old Man Alan Galbraith Alan Galbraith
Pretty Girl Hogsnort Rupert's Original Flagon Band Dave Luther
Gretel Hogsnort Rupert's Original Flagon Band Dave Luther
Ride The Rain The Quincy Conserve Bruno Lawrence
The Lady Of The Lake / Pastor Paul The Beggarmen Frank Berens - Bob Moore
If I Could Meet My Dad Danny McGirr Bob McFarlane
People Are Waiting / Lucky For Me Val & Clive Val & Clive Cockburn
Travelling Singing Man / I Would Rather Blow A Bagpipe, Mrs Leare Ray Columbus Ray Columbus 
Heaven Is The Place Judy Donaldson Shade Smith
Darling Kathy Baby / What Have You Done The Rumour Shade Smith
Please Mr Neighbour / A Tale Of Life Stacey Grove Don Wilson / Stefan Brown
Pinnochio Maria Dallas Mel Chandler
I Think I Just Lost Out Lynne Pike Lynne Pike
Given Time /  See You Later Baby Blues Lynne Pike Lynne Pike
Promised Land / Old Familiar Face Chris Parfitt Chris Parfitt
Jenny Didn't Wait Chris Parfitt Chris Parfitt
Epitaph Sea of Tranquility Billy Kristian - Jimmy Sloggett
The River Of My Mind Carol Thomas Carol Thomas
Mirrors The Moving Folk R. Leonard - Moving Folk


Aunty Alice Hogsnort Rupert Luther
You And I The Chapta The Chapta
Monday Hogsnort Rupert Dave Luther
Highway / Rainbow's World Human Instinct Billy Te Kahika / Neil Edwards - Mrs. G.R. Edwards - Maurice Greer
Time Moves By David Curtis David Curtis
Take Your Leave / The Firebird David Curtis David Curtis
We've Got To Live Together The Rumour Shade Smith
Garden Of Your Smile The Rumour Shade Smith
Home / I've Got Time Killip Shade Smith / Larry Killip
People Are People Ray Columbus Shade Smith - Ray Columbus
Let's Give it A Try The Moving Folk Paul Binns
Tiny Little Steamboat Maria Dallas Bruce G. Logan
Cobblestone Streets Peter Reilly Matthew Hawken
A Dog Called Blue Barry Crump Barry Crump
Everybody Knows Littlejohn Tony Littlejohn
Sunday Morning In Petticoat Lane Maria Dallas Sam Freedman
Troubles / Freedom Blues Freedom Express Paul Hewson - Rangi Williams


Think A Lot / Allison Mark Delacey Mark Delacey
Dahli Mohammed / Song For Vanda Timberjack-Donoghue John Donoghue
I Want My People To Know Roger Skinner Skinner
Passing The Time Away / Don't Believe Tramp Rod McAuley / Tony King
Live A Little Longer Frankie Rowles Mike Harvey
When You Go Away After Glo Ali Richardson
Fantastic Wheelbarrow / Dungeoness Nick Villard Nick Villard
Everything Has Come And Gone / Colours Of The World Don Wilson and Stefan Brown Stefan Brown - Don Wilson
The Rose Convention / Uncle Walter Les Andrews Les Andrews
The World Of Shangrila / Oh! Bobby Bobby Lynda Williams Ed Justin
The Ballad Of Jacques Le Mere Headband Neil Edwards
Steel Sparrow / Gypsy Girl Newton Roger Mayson
Country Pickin' / Sunshine Town Killip Larry Killip
Every Day Is Sunday Eliza Keil Tony Baker - Ed Justin
Brand New Day Desna Sisarich Eddie O'Strange
The Reaper Tamburlaine Steve Robinson
Thought He Was A Friend Of Mine / Something In The Morning Desna Sisarich Desna Sisarich
Where Is The 'Y' In Love Ray Columbus Ray Columbus - Mike Harvey
Tell Me Do You Ray Columbus and Jillian Richards Ray Columbus - Mike Harvey
This Time I Know / Seek And find Carole Thomas Carole Thomas
The Peace You're Looking For Lindsay Marks Lindsay Marks
Sunshine Through A Prism Suzanne Shade Smith
Holy Morning The Rumour and the ladies of St Mary's Cathedral Choir Shade Smith
L'Amour Est L'Enfant De La Liberte The Rumour Shade Smith
Fantasy Nash Chase Michael Hoeta
Tellabout Toni Williams Tony McCarthy
Don't Let Me Lose You Ray Woolf Dave Jordan
Don't Let Me Lose You Dave Jordan Dave Jordan
Take What You Can Laurence Waughan Laurence - Bremner
Mickey Mouse House / Old Fashioned John Hanlon John Hanlon
My World Keeps Changing Peter Caulton Peter Carter
Freedom St. Mary's BLERTA Chris Seresin - Bruno Lawrence
Aunty Ada BLERTA Corben Simpson - Bruno Lawrence
Time / Paranoia Headband Tommy Adderley - Billy Kristian
Earth Lutha Graham Wardrop
I'm Sorry Jenkins Circus Alex Peters
Anderson And Wise Nash Chase Ted Taptiklis - Tony Kaye


Join Together Steve Allen Steve Allen
Only Time Could Let Us Know Link Dave Kennedy - Dave Gillies
Show Your Love Shona Laing Shona Laing
Masquerade Shona Laing Shona Laing
I'm Looking Forward To Tonight Brent Parlane Brent Parlane
Big Norm Ebony Don Wilson - Stefan Brown - Eddie O'Strange
X-Ray Creature / Dinghy days Mark Hunter Graeme Collins - Arthur Baysting / Todd Hunter
Damn The Dam John Hanlon John Hanlon
Shy Ann John Hanlon John Hanlon
Taken Back To Mother Earth Again / You're Fine Killip Larry Killip
As You Go Your Way / This Wonderful World Paul Bennett Paul Bennett / Fred Whitta
Marie's Garden / Lou's Song Grindley, Wilson & Rawnsley Murray Grindlay / Murray Grindlay - Lou Rawnsley
We All Have To Find Our Own Way Home / Waiheke Cruise Lane Murray Grindlay / Lou Rawnsley
Lovebug Anna Leah Anna Leah
21st Birthday Party The Risk Bob Coulter
Running To The Sea Corben Simpson Corben Simpson - Patrick McKenna
I've Got That Feeling Again Roger Skinner and The Motivation Roger Skinner
Walk In Light / You Could Make A Day Denis Larcombe Denis Larcombe - Barry Clewett
Only Truly Tommy Adderley Neil Edwards
Let's Make Everyday A Christmas / Jingle Bells Chic Littlewood Chic Littlewood
Ain't No Need / School Cruise Lane Murray Grindlay / Paul Lee
Green Time / Just A Touch Of The Rain Cathie Harrop Tony Baker - Ronald McLeod
I Know A Country / Eating People George Henare/Grant McFarland/Rawiri Paratene/Hemi Ropata Tony Baker - Ronald McLeod
Take My Life / Lay My Weary Head Desna Sisarich Desna Sisarich
Knowing John Hanlon Mike Harvey - John Hanlon


Pt. 3 From Song Of Crazy Horse / Ride Away J.D. Blackfoot J.D. Blackfoot
Epistolary Quincy Conserve Ted Taptiklis- Tony Kaye
Is It Natural John Hanlon John Hanlon
Villa Katrina Steve Allen Steve Allen
A Better Way Shade Smith Shade Smith
The Love I feel  Annie Whittle Jeanette Potts  
Moonlight Frobisher and Gleeson Dave Luther
Music Steve Allen Steve Allen
Good Old Rock'n'Roll Rockinghorse Wayne Mason
The Love I feel / Rainy August Night The Yandall Sisters Jeanette Potts / Reece Kirk
My Castle In Spain / Like The Birds In The Trees Edison and Coles Shade Smith
Storybook Love Affair Steve Allen Steve Allen
Television Mama / Day in the Sun Bulldogs Allstar Goodtime Band John Donoghue / Neil Worboys
Take A Stronger Look Rockinghorse Carl Evensen
Hey Johnny DJ / I've Been Waitin' J.D. Blackfoot J.D. Blackfoot
N.Z. Needs A Country Hall Of Fame / Rusty Dawn Garmson Dawn Garmson


Strathaven /The McKenzie Trail Garner Wayne and his Saddle Pals Garner Wayne
Take The Time Hot Ash Rod McAuley
Goodnight Train Steve Allen Steve Allen
She Was A Melody Steve Allen Steve Allen
Hinemoa and Tutanekai Stan White Steve McDonald
The Country Feeling Brenda Thompson Brenda Thompson
Thru The Southern Moonlight Rockinghorse Rockinghorse
Sweet Wine Mark Williams Reece Kirk
Wahine / The Importance Of You Anna Leah Anna Leah
Silly Song / Wave The Banner Anna Leah Anna Leah
This Is The Life BLERTA Geoff Murphy - Ian Watkin
Farmgate / Daytime Girl Laylon & Trent Greg Layton / Greg Layton - Formosan
Ballad Of Robbie Muldoon Brendan Dugan, Gray Bartlett and Friends Gray Bartlett
Head For Home Beech Phil Jones
Fire In The Sky Ragnarok Lea Maalfrid
Walk Together (Haere Tahi Tatou Katoa) Maori Volcanics Mahora Waaka - Bobby Davis
Will It Ever Be The Same? Maori Volcanics Barry Clewett - Denis Larcombe
Virginia /  Wise Men David Lawrence and Libido David Lawrence
The Social Worker Jeanette Potts Jeanette Potts
Caviar Queen Lea Maalfrid and Ragnarok Lea Maalfrid - Ragnarok
Beachcomber The Heartbreakers Tony Hooper
Insurance Man / Gypsy Lady John Donoghue John Donoghue
Think Drive / Looking for Blue Sky Torpedo Gene Jofie


Morning Sun Upon A Mountain Mark Williams Wayne Mason
No Alibi The Family Affair Ray Columbus
Country Women's Smile Stan White P. F. Fish
Who Said That? Redeye Redeye
Boy I Wish We Had Xmas Everyday Hauraki Good Guys with Salty Dog Mike Harvey
Love To Play And Sing / All Gone Away  Salty Dogg Mike Harvey
Rose (Can I Share A Bed With You) Toni Williams Peter Posa


Ray Columbus was nominated many times between 1965 and 1976 (winning twice, once with Mike Harvey). He's seen here in 1973 with Peter Downes, Stanley Black, Pat Bell and Alison Keenan.


Alan Galbraith appears in these lists as a writer several times but is hidden as a producer on countless of these records. He's seen here with composer/ arranger Brian Hands.


Tommy Adderley, seen here in the mid-1960s, would be nominated several times with Headband in the next decade


Larry Killip was nominated both as a writer and a performer 

The Hocken Collections

Thank you to Amanda Mills without whom this page would not exist.